Monday Mandelbrot Madness IX

Ganglia - click to enlarge.

Image Details

Click the image above to obtain a larger version (approx. 11 MB).

The image is centered at \(0.1528886225+1.0395109505i\). Once again, we see some of the repeated structures of the Mandelbrot set. At the center of the image, there is a miniature copy of the complete set. Moreover, the structure at the center of the image is repeated along filaments of the Mandelbrot set throughout the region under view. We see self-similarity upon self-similarity.

The colors are a repeating cycle of black to purple to white to purple to black, which do an excellent job of highlighting the interesting regions in the image, and drawing out the fine dendrites. For those that are interested, the original image took about 450 seconds to render.

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