Rhapsody in Numbers

Explorations of mathematical beauty and the aesthetic of the abstract.

About this Website

The intent of this website is to provide a platform on which I can write about mathematics that I find beautiful or interesting. This is explained in a bit more detail in the post Mathematics and Beauty, which should be considered a starting point when browsing this site.

Fractals are of particular interest to me, and have been discussed at some length here. This has resulted in a series of short articles on the Mandelbrot set and its relatives as well as a semi-regular series Monday Mandelbrot Madness (MMM), which is devoted to showing off aesthetically pleasing fractal images. In addition to the MMM series, there is a gallery which collects some of the better images that have appeared on this site. More ramblings can be found in the journal section of the site.

About the Author

I completed a masters degree in mathematics at the University of Nevada, Reno in the spring of 2013, and am currently enrolled in the graduate program in mathematics at the University of California Riverside. I am rather enamored of mathematics, and view the subject as an avocation as much as an academic pursuit or career. One manifestation of that interest in mathematics is this website—a project which I started in order to share some of my thoughts with a wider audience, consisting primarily of my then high school aged sister.

I can be reached at xander AT yozh DOT org (replace words with symbols, as appropriate).