Spring Flowers- click to enlarge.

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This week, we return once again to the Mandelbrot set. This particular minibrot is found in scepter valley, near \(-1.250+0.025i\), and is about 0.00004 units across (if the Mandelbrot set measures one yard across, then this region would be less than a hundredth of an inch wide). What I find particularly intriguing is enormous amount of complexity at this scale. Even using a continuous coloring algorithm, it was difficult to tease out the details in a manner that was both aesthetically pleasing and mathematically relevant (though the latter quality can easily be ignored in favor of the former).

The radial structures that can be found near the corners of the image reminded me of dandelions, and the minibrot of the head of a sunflower. Thus I sought to find colors that emphasized that imagery. I hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Wendryn says:

    This one is stunning!

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