Monday Mandelbrot Madness VII

Snowflake - click to enlarge.

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The Mandelbrot set is replete with maddening vortices that flow down to infinity. At the edge of each whirlpool, the pattern is duplicated in miniature—vortex upon vortex, spiral upon spiral, gyre upon gyre into the very depths of an unknowably deep abyss. The sheer scope and scale is beyond human comprehension—each eddy and whirl is more unique than any snowflake could ever hope to be.

Yet in the chaos and pandemonium, there is order, regularity, and simplicity. The turbulent whole is governed by immutable mathematical law, and the infinite descent can be described in but a few lines of notation. Human intellect and ingenuity have both given the mind access to the deeps, and tamed their wild natures.

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