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Image Details

This image was rendered using the Buddhabrot technique discussed last week, but with a small modification: the Mandelbrot set is related to the function \(z_{k+1} = {z_k}^2 + z_0\), whereas this image is related to the function \(z_{k+1} = \overline{z_k}^2 + z_0\), where \(\overline{z}\) is the complex conjugate of \(z\) (that is, if \(z = a+bi\), then \(\overline{z} = a-bi\)). To get this image, four separate renders were combined. The images, shown below, were created with maximum iteration cutoffs of 50, 500, 5,000, and 50,000, respectively.

Lotus - click to enlarge.

Each of the four images was assigned to a color “channel” (blue  , teal  , yellow  , and red  , respectively), and the images were added together. The resulting image was adjusted slightly to create a deeper black and to make the flower “pop” a bit more.

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