String of Pearls - click to enlarge.

Image Details

These Julia islands are strung out along one of the dendritic features that are common in the western end of the Mandelbrot set. The image above is centered near \(-1.500+0.001i\), and is only a small region of the original. I think that the full image (approx. 11.3 MB) is worth downloading and checking out, though I am, of course, a bit biased.

I have recently found myself a little obsessed with Julia islands, and have been focussing on regions that contain them. I honestly don’t have much more insight into the image—it is purely on the basis of aesthetics that I published it. That being said, I am also rather proud of use of color in the ostensibly white regions. In the larger image at native resolution, there is some added color and texture which (I think) enhances the pearl-like qualities of the Julia islands. All in all, I think the image came out pretty well.

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