Monday Mandelbrot Madness XXII

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My current course load (both as a student and an instructor) has left me with far less tim that I would like. Less essential things, like this website, have not gotten the attention that they deserve. I have several ideas for posts in mind, and I plan on getting to them in the near future, but just don’t have time right now.

So, instead of putting up another image this week, I have decided to post a little something extra: a movie I put together a few months ago. The movie was created frame by frame using the basic code that have posted in the past (though with a few extra lines to automate the process). The frames were rendered at more than four times their final size, then scaled to their current size as a method of anti-aliasing. I used QuickTime to combine the individual frames into a short movie. I then used iMovie to add titles, music, and fades.

The original bitmap images were over 10 GB in size. The hires version of the film that I have archived is about 62 MB thanks to the wonders of image and video compression, and the version that I have posted here is about 6.8 MB. The movie can be downloaded by right-clicking (or control-clicking for Mac users with one button mice) on this link.

Unfortunately, I have lost the parameter file that I used to generate the images, so I do not know where, exactly, the film is centered, nor how large the area shown in the final frame of video is. However, my recollection is that it is pretty near the limit of a double precision floating point decimal. This means that the region shown in the final frame would be smaller than an atom if the first frame were about 2 inches across.

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  1. TheV. says:

    Thank you, Xander! Mondays are something to look forward to since I found your site! XLV

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