Monday Mandelbrot Madness XVI

The Eye - click to enlarge.

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The above image is a scaled version of a larger image. Click the image above to obtain the full version (approx. 9.8 MB).

A few days ago, I was exploring the region of the Mandelbrot set pictured last week. I saw an interesting feature near the center of the image, and discovered that it looked very similar to the surrounding area, but had four arms instead of two. I zoomed in a bit more, and found a similar shape with eight arms, then was mildly surprised when I saw an area near the center of that image that repeated the Mandelbrot set as a whole! I thought it worth sharing.

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One Response to Monday Mandelbrot Madness XVI

  1. Wendryn says:

    I really like this one – the colors you picked, the shapes, and the mini Mandelbrot in the middle. This is definitely one of my favorites!

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