Monday Mandelbrot Madness XI

Purple and Blue - click to enlarge.

Image Details

The above image is a smaller version of a larger image. Click the image above to obtain the full version (approx. 10.7 MB).

This week’s Mandelbrot image is centered near \(-1.375+0.013i\). In fact, the region pictured above can be found in last week’s image, though it is smaller than a pixel. At this level of zoom, the scepter structures that we saw last week are not readily apparent, though this has more to do with the selection of colors than anything else. The dedicated observer will be rewarded with hundreds of little scepters. However, I think that radiating structures in this image are far more interesting. At the heart of each of the little stars in this image, we will find a little copy of the Mandelbrot set, the most obvious of which is at the center of the image.

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