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My ballot finally got to where it is meant to go, and was ruled acceptable. Please do what you need to do in order ensure that you can say the same.

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Letter to Chancellor Wilcox

The world is in a state of flux right now, and the Academy is facing a major crisis. In light of this crisis, many students are demanding that grades be eliminated, that finals be cancelled, and that the Academy otherwise … Continue reading

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A Must Read

As an addendum to this morning’s post, go read this. It is important. Be sure to read the entire thing.

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Shoot for the Stars

I am a white male in America, and I spent the majority of my formative years living in Iowa. I was teased some as a child because my family is Jewish, but I basically come from a place of privilege. … Continue reading

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The Budget

The state of Nevada is, like most of the nation, currently undergoing a budget crisis. Our newly elected leadership is planning on keeping the state in the black by cutting programs only—the new governor has vowed not to increase revenues … Continue reading

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