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In 2005, Introversion Software released a game called Darwinia. Darwinia is a quirky little real-time strategy game, and continues to be one of my favorite video games. A short while after Darwinia was released, I began work on a campaign for the game. This eventually became Insurrection. The mod is set after the events in Darwinia, though in a slightly different universe. In this universe, the Darwinians, trapped in a world created by an insane god, seek the aid of an outsider to gain their freedom.

I was, and still am, relatively proud of Insurrection. However, at this point, I am no longer motivated to maintain the mod, or troubleshoot problems. For one thing, it has been a long time since I have looked at the code, and I am not really sure how any of it works any longer. Moreover, I just don’t have the time anymore. However, because people still seem to want it, I will continue to provide Insurrection, as is. I make no guarantee that it will work, and no promise that it will behave as expected.

Download (4.8 MB)

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