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Xander is interested in pure mathematics and mathematics education. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics with an emphasis in statistics from the University of Nevada, Reno, and has completed a teacher preparation program at the same institution. After completing his student teaching, he was unable to find gainful employment as a teacher, and has therefore retreated behind the ivory walls of academia in order to complete a master's degree in mathematics. As part of a teaching assistantship designed to help defray the cost of his education, Xander is also teaching remedial algebra at the university.

Black Moon

I finished my masters a little more than a year ago and am starting a Ph.D. in two months. In the intervening year, I have done a little research, some teaching, and made the (very) occasional post here. I have … Continue reading

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LEGO Fractals

My daughter has recently started playing with DUPLO blocks pretty consistently, which has me thinking about LEGO—the toy of my youth (and hopefully her’s in a couple of years, too!). In some ways, LEGO is an ideal medium for exploring … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse

A propos of nothing in particular, and with minimal commentary, a couple of pictures of last night’s lunar eclipse (rollover either picture for annotation or click for a larger version): While the moon was lovely, the proximity of the eclipsed … Continue reading

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In the last year, I have been pretty inactive here. On the other hand, I have been quite active in real life. Last November, I took a trip to the UK in order to present some of my work and … Continue reading

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Calculus I—Days 23 & 24

The term is rapidly drawing to a close, and I am beginning to feel just a little overwhelmed. Moreover, the class has finally hit a rhythm, and the things are mostly running smoothly, thus I have less to discuss in … Continue reading

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Calculus I—Day 22

It was quite windy today. It normally takes me about 10 minutes to bike to class, door-to-door. Today, it took almost 20, thanks to a very stiff headwind (and heavier-than-usual traffic). Got to class just in the nick of time, … Continue reading

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Calculus I—Day 21

I feel like I have been really productive so far this week. I have most of a study guide written for the next exam, the majority of the next exam is done, and I have lecture notes ready until the … Continue reading

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Graham Crackers

Since my daughter started eating, she has enjoyed graham crackers. I like them, too, but the ones we can get in the store are too sweet for my taste—I would prefer something that is a little more cracker, and a … Continue reading

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